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Still is the second EP from Hyndburn-based emo quartet LSP.
Recorded at Blue Field Recording Studio with Ed Hall


released December 17, 2013

Rob Frankland
Jake Myles
Ben Deadman
Nathaniel Dean
Thomas Eccles
Edgarville Clive 'Hero' Hall




all rights reserved


LSP Accrington, UK

Hyndburn Borough Sad Crew.

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Track Name: The Summer Went
A polka dot dress, silk ebbs and flows with your flesh
Covers lightly yet forbids that virgin skin
And that's how it was meant, just an implication
Control their perceptions without revealing a thing

I couldn't wait to tear you open, so how could I wait to watch you leave
We rushed into something grotesque, said we'd justify it retroactively

The summer came and went, with our promises
You said you'd have some time, I said I'd stay the same
But we couldn't stay, in our timelessness
You had one eye on your future, I kept my thoughts to myself

I kept my thoughts to myself
It was easier then finding out

And after all I've done I still feel something,
Maybe It's affection, just others skin doesn't feel the same

Keep your dress on, For another summer's sun
Keep your dress on, entice them but don't reveal your purest form

Love was just a word I said when leaving
That awkward adolescent sense of meaning
I hope you find someone who compliments you completely
I can't forget you so don't forgive me
Track Name: Rhubarb
We sit side to side so you don't have to see my weakest side
And it's fine, if your scared
There's parallel lines across my palms, not meant to intersect but so similar
Am I making myself clear

I'm not a fucking concept
I think you need to connect, to the fact that
People exist, outside of your head

It's been four years but I can't feel any of those
It's hard to retain some perspective when you're indifferent and distant to anything I propose
Out of petulance or your reticence I hastily searched for what you couldn't forgive and tried to convince myself that

I won't miss this
I'm sorry

I'm not a fucking concept
I think you need to connect to the fact that
People exist, outside of your head
Track Name: Ambulance
Something I had never felt was gone
A chance to lash out at you and condemn what you did wrong
But how am I supposed to know what that was when you didn't do anything else, how am I supposed to accept you, when you didn't accept yourself?

I don't remember missing you and you missed your chance to remember me at all
You can't walk in and claim ownership your part was so small

Now you're there and I'm here and I supposed cross this distance you ran to tell you something that I don't feel

You are nothing to me but an empty mark of what could've been
I love the space you left, it defines me, but other than that you are nothing

I awoke to a recurring theme
Ties severed by a tight grip on an auspicious dream
To disregard everything that'd been
But still keep the same all suspicious hold on their kin

And she lost her grip, and he watched his daughter slip
Real father disregard her, the truth would make their lives harder
So they just pretended the issue was gone
To care about reparation was to refuse to move on

Blood brushed under the carpet will just mark it
You can't market your marks as a quirk a personal facet
Don't wear war wounds until you repair war wounds
I could hear them reopening chagrin tearing through

You weren't there
I've learnt the circumstances of my birth
I was gripped by fear
I am child of hate what good can i make
You weren't there
At my genesis so why witness the end of this
I'll walk out of here
As soon as you let go of what's not yours to hold

Their re-enacting their own actions
The same cast of actors drawn into different factions
So I tried to run
But at the door I saw her youngest sibling staring up at me and the space between her family
Divided by mistakes they'd refused to see, I took her out of that scene and told her not to listen

Respect, but don't accept

Run away run away if you think that home isn't safe
Cause they'll just use you to justify their own mistakes
Run away run away if you think that home isn't safe
Cause parenthood isn't mitosis

I don't know if she heard any screaming I don't know if it'd even make a difference
She'd already lost her innocence

Things don't get better, you do
The days don't get shorter you just get through
You can't cling to something that's already changed
You'll rip apart what it was and what it became
Track Name: Alreet
Further more days into each other
And I decathect my attention onto another
I'd love to call you a friend, she's a friend I made a lover
But we still talk so we're still part of each other

And you're still holding onto the hope that I might be there
And I'm still there for you but you know my volatility always proves true

I'm not proud of this, of course I reciprocate but I'm keeping my lips sealed

If I thought I loved you in one moment then how could I know what love is
And I will hold any burden for you but I won't hold myself from progress

Of course I could feel every action you made,
And my hand on your heart as it started to race but it was just sped up by our erratic age, and I want you to know that

Silence is Golden

I'm not endorsing blanket apathy when I know you have so much to say
But if you tie every thought to a moment the thought just dies when moment fades away
And circumstances change, our surroundings shift and rearrange almost constantly
Don't waste your breath on banality don't waste your breath on me

I dreamt of you again last night just another chance to hold you in my bed
Love works so slow that we're never quite sure what we're feeling
But there is hope in pain I'll take some time to refrain and practice temperance
These thoughts are ephemeral I can't make promises time will break

Silence is golden

The dust danced around your sunlit silhouette, cast a shadow of you onto me, I was your loves puppet
I lost myself in you and projected hope onto it, onto the space between reason and where we were
You always waited for me to make the first move, so we could react and you'd act like it was what you wanted me to do
But this is now and that was then, and those words won't stay in my heart as long as in your head