Wednesday (featuring Cody Frost)

from by LSP

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You thought my hands moved too quick, it’s not the nervousness it’s just the nerves in it
We’d locked gaze on nothing, shared weight we were the same shape.
That moment, there was no gravity between us i was lost in the reverb, refused to return

Only in the night only in the night could I see
Only in the night only in the night did I see you, see you through
An endless black no shade looking back, no expectation to lack, no worry of collapse, just you

Only in the night only in the night could I see
Only in the night only in the night did I feel this was reciprocal
Cause in the light of day you saw some distractions, I can't be paused and played I’m not inanimate
As much as you’d like me to, I don’t exist to reflect you

You were a space to love, I was a thing to hold, less motionless more going through the old moves
You seemed a space from love, It's getting harder to hold, onto these brief moments between having us and having to go
I think I’m happy then I overshoot, I think that I’m healthy then I'm over you, before we’re overdue.

We etched those lines over the course of several nights, burnt bridges kept you in my sight as you set my promises alight
Seconds became hours and ours became yours and you became second and I became bored
As we became I and you were so forlorn, at the idea that we change this course, ignored dischord
I tried to open discourse but of course were disgusted, we could've shifted some parts but you just wouldn't discuss it
You thought that violence would fill those gaps where my silence couldn't, thought my silence was just a sign that I felt felt nothing,
But I felt something, I felt I couldn't hold onto you if you kept running
But I felt something

Nothing's where it should be
When did this become you when did this become me?
(I hope everything burns, i hope you can’t fucking feel a thing
I hope everything burns, I hope you see)

Nothing's where it should be
When was our narrative defined by chicanery
Nothing’s where it should
And I can’t see

Nothing makes sense any more.
I've been trying to move forward but I'm held back by my demure
Nothing makes sense any more
I shouldn't still feel this way every time I hear your name

I hear you're still the same person
I hear your name, I hear you're still trying to fake you still not being yourself

I hope you're being yourself
I hope you're teaching yourself
Stopped hiding that peace in yourself
I hope you’re being yourself


from Waves, released May 12, 2017
Written by Nathaniel Dean // Lyrics by Nathaniel Dean

Guitar / Bass / Sequencing // Rob Frankland
Guitar // Luke Searle
Drums // Jakob Myles
Vocals // Cody Frost
Vocals // Nathaniel Dean



all rights reserved


LSP Accrington, UK

Hyndburn Borough Sad Crew.

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