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That night was our funeral
Friends strewn in our wake as you refused to awake from that obstinant fantasy
That I'm not who I said I was so somehow the opposite
I know I kept things hid but what was on display was obvious
But you wanna live where you don't to think, a widow to our burnt bridges and as the process pushes on you stand still

In a drunken stupor, you stumbled to us held your fist firm and plunged into my gaze
I paused for a moment, realising there was no controlling these vortices of rage

Maybe it's better this way now no one has to say we didn't fall out of love we just weren't that great in the first place
Maybe it's better this way a cataclysm to change pace
I don't wanna return, I'm at peace with what's burnt, i just wanna know you're okay
You're shaking inside his arms and I don't mean you any harm
I don't think we should have to stay this way to stay calm

All I have wanted all this time, all I have wanted after all this time
Is to say goodbye, is to say goodnight.

Winter will come and snow over the bones of our love and by the time there's spring sun it’ll all be gone
That's the way it seems to run apathetic entropy two to none
You can chose another chance, I'll choose another last one
Retread the same defects pretend you regret that we met but I hope you learnt from the last month, that there's fucking more than the last month.

Who's to say we're okay I've been waiting for you
Holding onto exit wounds from where we left it
Stagnant pooling ideas tryna make this right
I don't wanna leave behind that me but that’s not right here

I got home after a month in the air and realised that there was nothing there no chagrin just couldn't care, I'm fine here you're fine there hope you're alright with what you find there you deserve some time dear just reset your mind dear
Rescind your recent resentful thesis no one worked towards this fallout no one wants to repeat it you get through you don't beat it, just try and find some meaning, I've been meaning to tell you what I think
Maybe some things just aren't meant to be but that doesn't mean you have to mentally vivisect those parts of me that ever made you feel something
You can't let it lie it won't stir unless that's the thing that you fear, that I'd wouldn’t want to return well you shouldn't want to return.

We were holding onto dead weight not making love we were just remembering
That there something there worth saving but that something was just perception
The thought that you were safe when I'm there, the truth was we were both just fine dear
It was a safer point in time dear I tend to cling to things when I'm scared

I hope you're happy, I hope you're happy there
With nothing to lose with nothing to lose nothing to rebuild or repair
I hope you're happy, I hope you're happy there
I can't cross these lines that you've entrenched inside but I hope I cross your mind dear

I thought I was heading to a still plane
But still can't exist when everything reacts holistically
Every ripple crosses over every tangent moves freely
The only thing I do still is hope you're happy


The tide goes out and mixes back with what it was and something new comes through, dependant on but different from the last.
I can already see our tide leaving and feel a new wave hitting my fragile frame, unwanted maturity drowning out worries of love and arrangement.
I know that for the foreseeable future chagrin will come from monetary woes, these songs will become lethargic and anchored down with ennui
But i know that sometimes I'll look out and wonder where those droplets that made up our wave ended up
Where what we were ended up

I cut my hair like you asked me too, you were right it does look nice
I started making time for myself, I heard you’ve been making time for someone else

We're shipping out to different schools and I don't know when I'll see you but when I see you can I see you not this icy guise you've been hiding through

I know it's not you, this isn't my bitter discontent rearing its head I want to know you learnt something
That you can take something from this, and leave behind all your regrets
That you can take something from this a lesson learnt means times well spent

This comes and goes in waves, drift further from the details but please don't forget about me
This comes and goes in waves, take what you will before the next begins and it will begin

I did some pretty shitty things to you over the course of this summer and you said some pretty shitty things to me, but that's over now and life is longer than summer and time moves on

Goodbye and goodnight.


from Waves, released May 12, 2017
Written by Luke Searle // Lyrics by Nathaniel Dean

Guitar / Bass // Rob Frankland
Guitar // Luke Searle
Drums // Jakob Myles
Vocals // Nathaniel Dean



all rights reserved


LSP Accrington, UK

Hyndburn Borough Sad Crew.

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